Goex Black Powder For Sale

GOEX Black Powder is designed for use in Civil War reenactments, flintlock rifles, and other recreational uses. GOEX Black Powder is essential for industrial and military applications.

Goex Black Powder For Sale is the sole maker of black powder in the United States. GOEX has nearly a 200-year history of manufacturing black powder in the United States, and GOEX Powder, Inc.

endeavors to maintain the company’s history and tradition. GOEX is a well-known brand of black powder and the only black powder created in the United States.

GOEX Black Powder is available in sporting grades Fg, FFg, FFFg, FFFFg, and Cannon. E.I. Du Pont de Nemours founded GOEX in 1802 with his original black powder production facility located by the Brandywine River in Delaware.

GOEX relocated to Louisiana in 1997. GOEX was purchased by the Hodgdon Powder Company in 2009 and renamed GOEX Powder, Inc.

Significant manufacturing improvements were made, including the inclusion of cutting-edge technology and procedures to improve employee safety while retaining the excellent quality of the black powder produced.

Is GOEX Black Powder Still Being Made?

Unfortunately, that has not occurred, and we are now told that GOEX will resume production “sometime in 2023,” with no specific date or timeline. For lifelong lovers of the American-made black powder brand, this is an understandable and disappointing upgrade.

What is GOEX Black Powder Used for?

GOEX now makes black powder, which is utilized in sporting applications such as civil war reenactments and flint lock weapons, as well as industrial and military uses. It is still the sole maker of black powder in the United States.

The Tradition Continues

Those who appreciate history and muzzleloading rely on the quality and heritage of Goex, the only black powder created in the United States. Goex has been producing black powder to the most exacting specifications for competition shooters, recreational shooters, muzzleloading hunters, and the United States Military since 1802. Available from muzzleloading supply dealers or through the distributor listed on this website.