Smokeless Powder For Sale

A large selection of smokeless gun powder is available at Midsouth Shooters. We provide every major manufacturer with the types and quantities you require. We offer containers with weights ranging from one pound to eight pounds.

We are the go-to powder source for reloading because of our assortment and affordable Hodgdon powder.

At a price you can afford, Midsouth Shooters offers the reloading powders you desire, from accurate to Shooters World to Winchester. When you need powder to reload your ammunition, make Midsouth Shooters your one-stop shop.


Gun Powder FAQ

What are the most popular gunpowder brands in the U.S.?

The most popular gunpowder brands that supply reloading powder in the U.S. include:

  • Hodgdon Power, which provides various smokeless and muzzleloading powders
  • Western Powders, which distributes powders for outdoor sports, and big-game hunting in particular
  • Alliant Powder, which supplies multi-purpose powders

Can I buy reloading powder online?

Online, Midsouth Shooters does indeed carry an extensive variety of reloading powder. For your shooting needs, Midsouth Shooters provides the highest quality smokeless reloading powder:
  • Accurate Reloading Powder
  • Ramshot Reloading Powder
  • Pistol Powder
  • Alliant Reloading Powder
  • Shooters World Reloading Powder
  • Rifle Powder
  • Hodgdon Reloading Powder
  • Vihtavouri Reloading Powder
  • Shotgun (Shotshell) Powder
  • IMR Reloading Powder
  • Winchester Reloading Powder

What is smokeless reloading powder, and how does it differ from black powder?

In the process of reloading ammunition, smokeless reloading powder is a contemporary propellant. In contrast to its historical counterpart, black powder, which generates substantial smoke during combustion, this substance emits minimal haze when discharged.

How does smokeless reloading powder work in ammunition?

The primer ignites a vaporous substance when it comes into contact with the firing pin. This ignition produces the gas necessary to propel the projectile with a constant and controlled force from the firearm's barrel.

What are the advantages of using smokeless reloading powder?

Compared to black powder, smokeless powder provides several benefits, including cleaner combustion, greater energy, decreased fouling, and enhanced accuracy.

What factors should I consider when selecting smokeless reloading powder?

Consider the cartridge type, projectile weight, desired velocity, and firearm specifications when choosing the proper smokeless reloading powder. To ensure accurate load data, consult reliable reloading manuals.

How should I store smokeless reloading powder safely?

Store smokeless reloading powder in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from heat sources and exposed flames. Keep it away from minors and in its original container with the label intact.

What is the best smokeless powder?

In addition to Accurate 4350 powder, Hodgdon H4895, and Varget smokeless powders are favored by numerous shooters. They are suitable options for a wide variety of projectiles and cartridges. IMR 4350 is another well-liked candidate for the title of finest all-around smokeless rifle powder.