Reloading Primers: Pistol Primers, Rifle Primers, & Shotshell Primers

Primers are a key ammunition reloading component. They are needed to ignite the powder charge. There a seven primer sizes which differ by use (pistol vs. rifle ammunition), size (small vs. large) and force (normal vs. magnum): SP = Small Pistol Primers | SPM = Small Pistol Magnum Primers | LP = Large Pistol Primers | LPM = Large Pistol Magnum Primers | SR = Small Rifle Primers | LR = Large Rifle Primers | LRM = Large Rifle Magnum Primers.

Reloading Primers

When handloading your own ammunition, you need high-quality primers to ensure consistent performance. Bullet primers are an important component of ammunition because they ignite the powder and cause the cartridge to fire. To supply high-quality primers, Reloading CCI Primers’ assortment of bullet primers includes top brands such as CCI, Winchester, and Federal.

There are primers for handguns, rifles, and shotshells, as well as reloading primers designed for precision. Whether you’re new to reloading or have some experience, Reloading CCI Primers has dependable bullet primers for your reloading bench.

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